Friday, January 21, 2011

Photo Bugil Lolita Putri Rizky Actress Indonesia

Stars 'Eiffel I'm in Love', Samuel Rizal currently knitting new artist in love with Lolita. Putri Rizky Although serious courtship, the couple does not yet have plans to get married.Lolita admitted relationship with Samuel has been running for six months. They first met while on vacation to an island."The new year yesterday, we were both to the island and then we begin to love each other," Lolita said when met at Studio XXI Senayan City, South Jakarta, Monday (07/12/2010).

Samuel was comfortable with Lolita even though many differences. Until now, Samuel has not met any difficulties in establishing relationships with the stars 'Queen Kostmopolitan' it."Our definition of the difference was beautiful, and that's our motto," said Lolita.Then, when Samuel and Lolita go up to the wedding? "Too much was the question, anyway we can co-exist and that's what matters," said Lolita.Other news about Lolita, in the near future, Lolita will release his latest film, 'Bride Mask'. In the film, a woman who previously worked as a model look sexy with bikini.

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